Against death penalty essay thesis

The vital problem of death penalty for children as one of the most important issues of the contemporary system of justice. Against death penalty essay thesis is death penalty for children considered to be such an important issue? Can a child take responsibility for a murder?

How can be death penalty for children under 18 justified? Under these conditions a child should never be sentences to death or a life sentence for they still have a chance to change and re-evaluate their life. Introduction: The death penalty issue has always been one of the most important issues of the contemporary system of justice. Years ago the majority of the criminals were male over 20, but nowadays the situation has quite changed.

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Not only grown-ups but also by children who are under 18 years old nowadays commit murders and other terrible crimes. Ordinarily, a young criminal is not applied the same restrictions for his crime as a grown criminal is, nevertheless if it especially goes about capital crimes people start talking about the death penalty for such juveniles. A child always remains a child and if he commits a crime it is not because he has had a good life. It is not the guilt of the children, but their big misfortune. It is a misfortune of not having anybody to love and truly support them and lead them in the correct direction. Along with that it is common knowledge that the period of 11 through 17 is a period of an especially intensive changes both in the organism and the mind of a child. That is why it is not fair to put a child in the same line with a grown up that can be completely responsible for his actions.

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