Alcoholism is not a disease essay

Chest pain and acute coronary syndrome are explored including their various assessments and treatment options. Chest pain is one of the most common jobs that paramedics attend. Cardiac Catheter Lab for Angio Stenting. Chest pain can be classified as any pain or discomfort to an area around the alcoholism is not a disease essay and may be related to an underlying pathology of the heart.

If in doubt about the type of chest pain, treatment should always first be targeted at the potential cardiac causes. This treatment for chest pain can then be discontinued or modified once more evidence is gathered to identify another aetiology of the chest pain. Until proven otherwise, all chest pain should be considered cardiac in nature. Chest pain comes in many forms and disguises and a good clinician always considers cardiac possibilities in his or her patients.

Cardiac chest pain versus noncardiac chest pain? Simply because a person states that they have chest pain does not mean that they are having a heart attack. The exact nature or aetiology of the pain may relate to any number of medical or traumatic problems. Similarly, the absence of chest pain alone, does not rule out an acute coronary syndrome, and a clinician treating any patient should have a high index of suspicion for the many manifestations of acute coronary syndrome.

It is therefore paramount for a patient and a clinician to suspect an acute coronary syndrome in any patient who presents with chest pain like symptoms until proven otherwise. As a paramedic, this often means treating for cardiac chest pain until you get to hospital, where more definitive cardiac diagnostic test can take place, such as blood tests, cardiac stress tests, and angiography. The following describes a good mnemonic for assessing chest pain. OPQRST is still a useful mnemonic for assessing chest pain.

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