Benefits of learning english as a second language essay

What will look good on my benefits of learning english as a second language essay application? There is one thing that can influence a college’s or company’s decision for the better about accepting or hiring a person, and this is by learning a second language. As people from other countries continue to immigrate into America, it is becoming more important than ever to learn a second language, even simply to appear more marketable and have something to set an applicant apart from their competitors. One of these benefits includes how great it looks on applications for just about anything.

Others include the convenience when traveling, making new friends, improving the fluency of the speaker’s native language, having a type of a secret code among friends, and preventing Alzheimer’s. There are many reasons for knowing multiple languages that look good on applications. First, on college applications, it shows that the applicant is willing to devote time and energy into learning something. This in turn, will show the reviewer that you would be willing to work hard on college studies as well. If you know this other language you would be able to communicate with the customer.

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The fact that you know another language is a huge achievement. That makes the person unique when compared to other candidates. Another reason is that many companies have sister companies in other parts of the world or do business with companies in other locations. Knowing the language of the other company’s country would make someone stand out in the sea of applicants. By knowing this language the applicant would be able to communicate with people from the company to solve problems.

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This could also increase the possibility to travel abroad to the location. One major part of learning a language is often being able to travel to a foreign country. Being able to speak the native language has many benefits in and of itself. When you travel to another country you are truly representing America. Americans who travel abroad for the first time are often shocked to discover that, despite all the progress that has been made in the last 30 years, many foreign people still speak in foreign languages. By putting forth the effort to speak with people in their own language it shows that the traveler is doing their best to take care of themself in a different environment. The locals can see their effort and are more willing to help.

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