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Please sign up to read full document. At my center, I do my part to maintain a well-run purposeful program, Responsive to participant needs. On their first day in our program, I make every effort to me4et and greet our clients, the parents as well as the children. I ask the parents if they need any special requirements, accommodations, or modifications to better service their children. Before the child enters the classroom, I make sure they know they are included. I post a welcome sign for each new child and their cubby is already labeled so they know where to store their belongings. Once the child has entered the classroom, I take another child and introduce them and then we all take a tour of the classroom.

This gives us a time to get to know each other, I can find out their likes and dislikes, observe their interactions with other children, and begin to plan their development. Up-to-date records are kept on each child. These include medical records, contact information, and basic needs of the children. I keep emergency telephone numbers such as medical center, poison control, fire and police department, and child protective service numbers located by center telephone, in addition to being visible on the wall. Each quarter we update our family contact information to make sure numbers have not changed.

In order to keep parents informed, daily reports are provided to the parents of each child. I do developmental assessments three times a year on each child in my class. A parent conference is held at this time to let the parents know about the progress of their child, and their learning experience. When children are transitioning into a new classroom, a letter is given to each parent letting them know about their next age group and about the teacher. I believe it is important to establish and maintain a safe and healthy learning environment by keeping my center and play ground area clean and free of the things that are harmful to my children.

I believe the first steps to encourage learning is to keep a clean and safe environment, that my children’s minds will be stimulated and will meet there individual learning styles. I do this by promoting foods that are healthy and clean for my children to eat. I teach about and have my children sample all types of healthy food to help our bodies grow strong. My children and I have helped encourage in changing the centers menu to make the menu fun, colorful, yet healthy and nutritious, that meet the needs of those children with a special diet. One thing I would love to try to do more of would to have the children service them self as a family style meal. In my classroom I have seven different learning areas: art, science, blocks, dramatic play, manipulative, writing and library. All labeled with words and pictures.

TO ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN A SAFE, HEALTHY LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. In order for children to feel safe away from home they need a safe environment where they can learn and play comfortably. I am always alert and continuously observe the children at all times. Children must never be left unsupervised. In the class, safety precautions such as checking all tables and chairs for damage and sharp edges is done weekly.

I guarantee that the children’s work and play areas are free of clutter. When the children are using scissors, pencils or other instruments, I make sure they carry them in an appropriate manner to prevent injury. We have on file written permission from the parent’s to take their child for any emergency medical care if the nurse isn’t on campus. Outdoor play areas are checked daily for harmful objects such as bottles, cans, or other litter items before the children go out to play. In the center, a fire drill is conducted Once a month.

A healthy environment is essential for effective learning. A visual daily health check is done each day upon each child’s arrival. I respond immediately to accidents, health concerns and emergency conditions calmly. The classroom is maintained in a clean and hygienic environment. To ensure a well run, purposeful program responsive to participate needs. Keep up-to-date program records such as children’s medial records and emergency telephone numbers. Work in collaboration with parents to identify the strengths and needs of each child.

Two of my top priorities are to keep-up-to-date records on file, and to have the emergency telephone numbers clearly posted. A monthly confirmation is performed to make sure that the current contact number on file for each child has not changed. I know that parents might sometimes forget to provide a new phone number, if I don’t ask. Moreover, I like to have two alternate telephone numbers on file in case I can’t get in touch with the parents. I keep these telephone numbers on hand so that they can be reached quickly in case of an emergency, whether we are inside or outside. In an effort to keep parents informed, daily reports are provided to the parent of each child. I do a developmental assessment twice a year.

This lets the parents know about the progress of their child, and their learning experience. Judging from the smiles on the parents’ faces, I believe they value being advised about how their child has developed and learning through fun activities. I have respect, not only for myself but, for my center, each child, and their families. I also uphold all health and safety regulations and make children’s well-being my top priority.

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