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The Red Badge of Courage study guide contains a biography of Stephen Crane, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Serialized in 1894 and published in 1895 when he was only 23, the novel is routinely named as one of the greatest war novels of all time although, interestingly enough, Crane had no personal military experience. It is a constant fixture on reading lists for high school students and is discussed at length in describing a father essay English and history courses. Volumes of critical work have been done on the novel, and it has been subject to multiple film and television interpretations.

It is part of the strain of realist or naturalist literature also taken up by Frank Norris, Theodore Dreiser, and Mark Twain in the late 19th century. Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. He wrote while spending the summer at his brother’s New Jersey house as well as New York City, which he moved back to in October. He did copious research on the Civil War for his text. There are many existing manuscript drafts that show Crane’s writing process. For example, he initially named all of the soldiers more frequently but began crossing the names out and substituting more frequently titles like “the loud soldier” and “the tall soldier. The story was successful and publication in book form was discussed with D.

Crane was still revising the manuscript and agreed to several cuts for the 1895 publication. Some of these pages still exist but many others have been lost. A restored version was published by Norton in 1982, but this stirred up debate and criticism. Since Crane had agreed on the cuts with his editor, a “true” version may not really exist, even if the manuscripts contain unpublished material that Crane initially preferred. Critics felt that the editor was now more important than the writer in this case. Reviews were generally positive and a respectable amount of volumes were sold, but it did not become a bestseller until an edition was published in England. By 1896 the novel had gone through nine editions and Crane himself realized he was no longer “a black sheep but a star.

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