Essay on ignited minds

A long-anticipated speech by Essay on ignited minds. Milo Yiannopolous was abruptly canceled Wednesday evening after protests outside the U. Berkeley event quickly escalated into a violent riot.

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Rockets and incendiary devices were fired at police, the Student Union campus building where Milo was scheduled to appear was besieged and severely damaged, Trump supporters were assaulted, fires were ignited, and the riot then spilled out onto city streets where windows were smashed and businesses vandalized. This page contains videos and photos of the riot taken by me, documenting the violence — as well as additional videos taken by other witnesses showing assaults on Milo supporters. Much of the violence was at first initiated by a large contingent of masked self-styled “anarchists,” but they were cheered on and encouraged by the overall crowd of several thousand protesters who chanted “Shut it down! Some of the crowd then dispersed into city streets where they committed more violence and vandalism over the next several hours.

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Milo’s Berkeley appearance canceled, and providing shockingly fascistic rationalizations as to why free speech should not be allowed for conservatives. All of this took place, ironically, on U. Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza — the exact location where the Free Speech Movement was born in 1964. Since the news articles above provide extensive details about Milo, his speaking tour, and the night’s events, I will keep the commentary in this report to a minimum and let the images for the most part speak for themselves. We’ll start with several videos showing different aspects of the riot — followed below by several photographs of the protest. This video shows protesters firing rockets, incendiary devices and fireworks directly at police — who were instructed to stand their ground and not respond to provocations. Amazingly, the police guarding the building restrained themselves, despite enduring an almost military-style artillery barrage, which for all they knew could have involved real explosives.

This is a three-minute compilation of various riot scenes, primarily showing protesters at the beginning of the riot tearing apart the police barricades and then attacking the building, smashing windows and setting off smoke bombs. Midway through the riot the protesters ignited a massive fire directly in front of the Student Union building, with the flames reaching up to the level of the second-story room where Milo was preparing to speak. This moment captured from a live broadcast on KPIX-TV shows an interview with a blood-soaked Milo supporter who has just been assaulted by left-wing protesters. Trump supporters were assaulted, beaten and knocked to the ground. During the attacks shown here, protesters were shouting “Beat his ass! This woman, wearing a red hat that was probably mistaken by the leftists for being a Trump hat, was pepper-sprayed by one of the rioters, live on television. The protesters universally dehumanized Milo and his supporters as “Nazis,” which is what allows the leftists to justify in their minds any violence against their political opponents.

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