Essay on sant dnyaneshwar in marathi language

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, blissfully seated essay on sant dnyaneshwar in marathi language his family home in Bombay. 2007, by Timothy Conway, Ph.

Every great once in a while, Absolute Awareness manifests within Its fascinating dream-play a powerful dream-figure to talk about the nature of the dream and to indicate the transcendent Absolute. Bearing this in mind, we shall speak on the conventional level, the level of historical events within the dream of life, to note something of the sage Nisargadatta’s earth-side history. Lord Rama, and son of wind-god Marut. Older accounts put Maruti’s birth in March, but we now know that the Hanuman Jayanti that year was on April 17. Though born in Bombay, second eldest of six children, Maruti was raised on a family farm in Kandalgaon, a rural village to the south in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri District.

This was because his father Sivrampant, who had been employed by a merchant in Bombay, had moved the family to the countryside in 1896 when a plague-epidemic broke out in that bustling port city. We learn from a biographical booklet that “Maharaj’s father Shivrampant Kambli and mother Parvatibai were both ardent devotees. They made no distinction as between Siva and Vishnu. In his youth, Maruti performed all the hard labors required by life on a farm. Though he received little or no formal education, he was exposed to spiritual ideas by quietly listening to and absorbing the conversations between his father Sivramprant and the latter’s friend, Visnu Haribhau Gore, a pious brahman. In 1924, Maruti married a young woman named Sumatibai. Their family came to include a son and three daughters.

Yet he was reluctant to have disciples and serve as a guru. I am ever free now. He did allow large halls to sometimes be rented for bhajans and discourses on certain holy days, along which the stairs descended. ” the “Embodiment of Knowledge, it is not.

The Navnath lineage taught the sublime philosophy and direct, nondual realization of Absolute Being-Awareness. Eventually Maruti became Siddharamesvar’s leading disciple. He totally obeyed his guru, doing or giving up whatever Siddharamesvar commanded, since the Guru’s word was law unto him. The transformation in his character was so great that all of Maruti’s employees also became initiates of Siddharamesvar.

After more than a year of association with Siddharamesvar, Maruti was asked to give spiritual discourses on numerous occasions. We learn, for instance, that he gave a series of 12 discourse-commentaries on spiritual books at the hometown of his friend Bagkar in 1935. Maruti began to impress people, not only with his cognitive understanding of spirituality but also his radiant exemplification of Truth. In those days, he gave spontaneous talks to anyone coming to his shop seeking his spiritual wisdom. Some brought their sick relatives to him, hoping for cures.

He sent the afflicted to a cafe at the street corner, telling them to drink a glass of water therein—and in doing so, they were often healed. Siddharamesvar learned of this and asked Maruti to stop intending such healings, which are trivial in light of the need for spiritual awakening from the ultimate “dis-ease” of identifying with the body-mind personality. Nevertheless, over the years, many miracles and synchronicities still occurred. At one time I was composing poems. What was he driving at?

My association with my Guru was scarcely for two and a half years. The words he gave me touched me very deeply. No more doubts and no more questions on that. Once my Guru conveyed to me what he had to say I never bothered about other things— I hung on to the words of the Guru.

Call conviction only to That which does not budge, but he continued to somehow courageously muster the ability to talk through the physical pain with visitors right up to his very last days. And realize that they are not the body, the separateness disappears like an insignificant tiny insect. Tongue or throat and you must not tell it to anybody. He never allowed any separate spacious ashram to be built, ” he said.

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