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What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Atkinson model? In highly competitive environment, organisations need to be able to react quickly and effectively to changes. He cited flexibility as one of the keys to responding effectively to changes in the environment, and that it is essential for organisational success. Functional, Temporal, Numerical and Financial. Functional flexibility involves the task of multi-skilling where employees are required to possess one specific skill and many other generalist ones. This means a reduced specialisation of roles with individuals being trained to carry out a much wider range of activities than before.

The purpose of numerical flexibility is to expand and contract the labour force according to specific demand for it. In times of expansion, more workers are required. Conversely a smaller workforce is needed if the business is decreasing. The third form is temporal flexibility. In this case the number and distribution of hours varies. Therefore, organizations from different sectors through different time periods should use HRMP. Unfortunately, researchers who assert the universality of certain HRMP are fail to agree what constitutes those practices.

The multiplicity of what constitutes universalistic HRMP represents a challenge to organizational scholars. There are three main respects in order to contribute to HR literature based on universalistic perspective discussion: First, investigates any difference in the relationship between HRMPs and organizational performance across time, stable or not. Second, uses the same instruments for measuring HRMP at different points in time, thereby extending the power of our results while limiting our ability to influence them. Third, Find out whether the positive correlation between HRMP and performance found in the US also appears in other countries.

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