First day of primary school essay

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What is the Digital Strategy? Find suppliers for school furniture, stationery etc. The transition from Primary school to Secondary school is one of those life events that most people can recall in some way or other. In the main, it’s a fairly manageable period and one that parents often get more emotional about than their children. The purpose of this article is to outline the major issues involved so that the experience can be facilitated and undertaken with minimum stress – for the whole family! By the time a child reaches their final years in primary school, they will be totally familiar with their school environment. They’ll know their teacher very well, be comfortable with most if not all of the people in their class and will probably know most of the other faces in the school too.

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By sixth class, they are the most senior people in their school, they will be used to being given responsibility and they tend to be looked up to by the younger boys and girls in the school. But within the space of two short months, September 1st sees these same students revert to being the most junior again in a brand new environment in a different location, with a different smell and atmosphere. Remember too that within a few short weeks, their new surroundings become more familiar and they’ll be running from the PE Hall to the Science Lab and on to the Art room without the slightest stumble. The first couple of weeks can be traumatic though and this section offers both parent and child a survival plan to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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