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Internships are practically a prerequisite for getting hired after graduation these days. Students should aim to have at least three internships or similar career-prep experiences during their college years, experts say. And that takes planning, especially if they want to land a paid gig. The payoff is worth the effort. What’s more, graduates who completed a paid internship earned a higher starting salary. While summer may seem far off, most internship applications come due long before then, and many require lead time for students to write essays or collect recommendation letters. Here’s a guide to finding—and getting the most from—an internship.

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Target specific companies and industries. Start by making a list of places or types of jobs you’re interested in. Think about the skills you want to develop or the network you want to build. If you don’t know where to begin, the campus career-center staff should be able to tell you where students in similar majors interned or got jobs after graduation. There are at least half a dozen useful search platforms for internships, covering corporate as well as nonprofit and research opportunities.

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