Importance of english in 21st century essay

Research shows that effective instruction in 21st-century literacies takes an integrated approach, helping students understand how to access, evaluate, synthesize, and contribute to information. 0 demonstrates, participation is key, and effective teachers will find ways to encourage interaction with and among students. Because success with importance of english in 21st century essay depends largely upon critical thinking and reflection, teachers with relatively little technological skill can provide useful instruction.

But schools must support these teachers by providing professional development and up-to-date technology for use in classrooms. Global economies, new technologies, and exponential growth in information are transforming our society. Today’s employees engage with a technology-driven, diverse, and quickly changing “flat world. LCDs, Webcams, podcasts, smartboards, and social networking software — central to individual and community success. 4th graders will compose at the keyboard in 2019. Thirty-three states have adopted National Educational Technology Standards for K-12 students.

Approximately 50 percent of four-year colleges and 30 percent of community colleges use electronic course management tools. The United States ranks 15th worldwide in the percentage of households subscribed to a broadband Internet service. Over 80 percent of kindergarteners use computers, and over 50 percent of children under age 9 use the Internet. 6 billion text messages were sent in the U. There are at least 91 million Google searches per day. The European Institute for E-Learning aims to enhance Europe’s position in the knowledge economy by achieving the goal “e-Portfolio for all” by 2010.

As new technologies shape literacies, they bring opportunities for teachers at all levels to foster reading and writing in more diverse and participatory contexts. Research on electronic reading workshops shows that they contribute to the emergence of new literacies. Research also shows that digital technology enhances writing and interaction in several ways. K-12 students who write with computers produce compositions of greater length and higher quality and are more engaged with and motivated toward writing than their peers. College students who keep e-portfolios have a higher rate of academic achievement and a higher overall retention rate than their peers. They also demonstrate greater capacity for metacognition, reflection, and audience awareness.

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