Importance of internet in education essay

An essay and speech importance of internet in education essay the importance of physical education in our life. Why physical education is important in schools and students’ life.

What is the importance of physical education? Why is it studied in schools? How can it make a difference in students’ lives? After reading this essay, you will get a clear idea of why physical education is important. A child of any gender, age, ethnicity, or race should be physically active, not only mentally. Did you know that, according to the National Association of Sports and Physical Education, a student must at least spend a hundred and fifty minutes weekly in physical education?

But why physical education is important? An important element of a healthy lifestyle is physical fitness. Sportsmanship is not only for sports, but also for life. Playing individual, dual, or even team sports will develop a sound sportsmanship. One of the main objectives of physical education is to cultivate the students’ ideas of fairness, respect, ethics, and fellowship with the competitor. Good sportsmanship not only makes champions in sports, but also champions in life. Another benefit of physical education is that it develops student’s confidence, especially when one is engaging with sports.

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When students are victorious on a field game, the victory gives them a boost in confidence. Engaging in competition and performing skills cultivates self confidence, and self confidence is a very important element in developing a youth’s character and personality. Studies show that people who have engaged in physical activities as youngsters are more likely to lead a healthier lifestyle later in their life as adults. Research proves that physical fitness activities promote neuron activity, which is much needed for cognitive activities.

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