Love is blind argumentative essay

The love is blind argumentative essay of different interviews taken on the topic of slavery. In what way slave is an unnatural phenomenon? What is the attitude of the Federal Writers to slavery?

How do the WPA interviews reveal the notion of slavery? Nevertheless, there is still much to say about it and a lot of thing to recall. It is common knowledge that slavery was eliminated with the end of the Civil War. I have been here so long I ain’t forgot nothin’.

Slavery has always been the most shocking phenomena of our world. Slavery, by itself seems very unnatural and provokes mixed feelings from the heart of each person. Some people are descendants of those who used to be slaves years ago. And some people just simply do not understand the possibility of one human being considering another human being its slave. Slavery, by definition, is the first historical form of exploitation, under which a slave along with different implements of production becomes the private property of the slave owner. This phenomena has done a lot of harm to million of people, taking away lives and destroying the fate of the people who could have been happy. What does a contemporary person know about slavery?

The answer will not be very profound. The South was released from the burden that made the slavery to stop and that started destroying the prejudices concerning the color of skin. Nowadays, it is already history. Before starting analyzing the phenomenon of slavery it is necessary to enlighten the source of the main information on the topic.

The FWP’s main directivity was the history of the United States of America made on the bases of oral stories of the eyewitnesses. It was made by a group of scholars, artists, and writers on relief who interviewed different people along the country making historical interviews. One of the issues the respondents were eager to talk about was slavery. It is necessary to mention that all these interviews were made throughout 1936-1940 and most of the people who could remember the terrible period of slavery were around 80.

The development can be traced back to the rediscovery of antiquity, it deals with the identity of a black man in white America. The Blind Man by D. The most ordinary punishment for black people not obeying were whippings and the most awful thing about it was that white overseer never did it themselves but always had another black slave to do it. In that capacity, this the thoughtful merge of myself, this commerce Great Britain has hitherto regulated to her own advantage. A short story — my housemates and I were recently conversing of how excited we all were of the fast approaching Easter break. All essays are copyrighted and may only be downloaded for personal use.

What these interviews describe is the respondent’s education, political views, religion, needs, observations, historical events he can share the impressions about. These interviews are nowadays known as WPA interviews and are highly valuable for any person who has the aim to examine the life of slaves during that period and to analyze different aspects of their life. Obviously, the majority of the interviews concerning the slave-issue were carried out with people living in the southern states of America that is to say with those who used to be slaves. Most of the slaves talked about their owners, the way they treated them and it did to their families. Nevertheless, what they were principally about were the brutalities all of them experienced being under slavery. These are the stories of people who lived their lives with the perception of being unworthy and obeying white supremacy as a law.

WPA project have a lot in common in their stories. They mainly speak about religion, gender elations, material life, slave-master relations and other aspects. These are the stories of what was being black in the South and what a black person had to do in order to survive and protect his right to live on this land. The most impressive thing about the interviews in general and this interview in particular is the description of extremely different slave-master relations in different situations and different regions. It is an interview taken June 10, 1937. William Ballard was from Winnsboro in Fairfield County situated in South Caroline. He was born in a family with several other children.

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