Lower secondary english essays

You decide to visit Mars. When I read the advertisement about the trip to Mars, I lower secondary english essays I had to go.

I had to scrape up every cent I had. Space travel is very much like air travel. 50 times the speed of sound. On the seventh day, we landed on the planet Mars.

I wanted to explore every inch of the planet! I had to wear mine all the time. The highlight of my holiday was flying a space mobile. Soon it was time to return to Earth. I was happy to have visited Mars.

Our school library is one of the assets to our school. Our library is a quiet spot in our school. Chinese, Malay, Tamil and so on. Thus there are books on drama, prose, poetry, etc.

The library is very well equipped for comfortable reading. Another attraction of our library is the reference room. The library service is very efficient. So one never finds it difficult to choose the right book. The students are well trained in silent reading. This article has multiple issues.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The two compulsory subjects to complete secondary education are Albanian language and literature and mathematics. For being admitted in a university students must take two additional exams which they choose themselves out of a list of eight subjects. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. The document received after the successful completion of the written and oral exams is called Maturazeugnis. All examinations are held at the school which the candidate last attended. February preceding the final exams, which, if accepted, reduces the number of written exams by one, as the Fachbereichsarbeit is seen as an equivalent to a subject.

This paper also needs to be defended in the corresponding oral exam. March of the following school year. Schools with a focus on science may require their students to take written finals in Biology or Physics. Oral exams are held publicly, but attendance by anyone other than a candidate’s former schoolmates is not encouraged, and indeed rare.

It is possible for Austrians of all age groups to take the Matura. Adults from their twenties on are usually tutored at private institutions of adult education before taking their final tests, held separately before a regional examination board. Austria is now held on the same day. However, the teachers still correct all the exams themselves using an answer sheet that is included in the exam packages.

When students choose three written exams, they will have to do another three oral exams. When choosing four written exams, only two additional oral exams are necessary. They can choose any topic they want, usually one year before graduating. Each exam consists of a single written test. 76013 students have registered for the matura exams.

Of them only 1748 students registered for a third, voluntary subject. Only 845 of them passed the third examination successfully. Because of the exam’s challenging nature, students who request a third subject have a significant advantage in the university admissions process. The compulsory subjects are also available at a basic or extended level with 1 point of the extended level exam being worth 1.

6 points of the basic level exam. Points of the basic level are converted into points of the extended level by dividing them by 1. 100 points in the basic exam, in the end will only be given 62. The extended level offers the possibility of achieving 100 points but carries the risk of gaining a lower result due to the elevated difficulty level. The examinations are conducted by the National centre for external evaluation of education. Students receive their exams in sealed opaque silver bags. The answers of the exams are publicly available two days after the exam.

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