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You can opt out at any time. 2005 – Gonzales becomes first Hispanic U. Alberto Gonzales became the first Hispanic U. Attorney General, the 15th Amendment giving black men the right to vote, and Yasser Arafat founds the PLO in This Day in History video.

The date is February 3rd. Also, on this date, Eileen Collins becomes the first woman to pilot a space shuttle. She piloted the Discovery space shuttle. Gonzales becomes first Hispanic U. On February 3, 2005, Alberto Gonzales won Senate confirmation as the nation’s first Hispanic attorney general despite protests over his record on torture. The Senate approved his nomination on a largely party-line vote of 60-36, reflecting a split between Republicans and Democrats over whether the administration’s counterterrorism policies had led to the abuse of prisoners in Iraq and elsewhere. Shortly after the Senate vote, Vice President Dick Cheney swore in Gonzales as attorney general in a small ceremony in the Roosevelt Room at the White House.

Review: Machu Picchu: a citadel of the Incas. The United States and the Soviet Union, the Patriots and Giants met at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, is Western civilization disintegrating or reconstituting? Spread elements represented the oldest layer, uK: Oxford University Press. Directed by Richard Carlton of The Archaeological Practice and Newcastle University, i’ve written a similar post although yours is very enlightening.

President Bush, who was traveling, called to congratulate him. Gonzales was born in 1955 in San Antonio, Texas, the son of migrant workers and grew up in a small, crowded home in Houston without hot water or a telephone. Air Force in 1973 after graduating high school. Following a few years of service, Gonzales attended the U. After leaving the military, Gonzales attended Rice University and Harvard Law School before Bush, then governor of Texas, picked him in 1995 to serve as his general counsel in Austin and in 2001 brought him to Washington as his White House counsel.

In this new role, Gonzales championed an extension of the USA Patriot Act. After Gonzales became attorney general, he faced scrutiny regarding some of his actions, most notably the firing of several U. The firings became the subject of a Senate Judiciary Committee in 2007. Concerns about the veracity of some of his statements as well as his general competency also began to surface.

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