Minimum wage essay introduction

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Learners’ particular literacy, language, numeracy and ICT needs can be established through initial assessment, talking to learners, observing them completing activities or using simple self assessment tests. Recognizing and using a variety of different teaching styles is particularly important to support literacy, language and number skills development. Learners working towards literacy, language, and numeracy goals will benefit from teaching which works to their strengths. The teaching styles which you adopt will have an impact on the type of language skills your learners will need to acquire.

A didactic approach for example, may require listening and note taking skills predominantly, whereas a more learner centered approach may require higher level reading skills as learners are asked to interpret information for themselves. Even when we are trying to adapt to individual learning styles, the variety of activity used will have an impact on the language skills required within a particular programme of study. The language demands placed on learners are a direct result of teacher led mediation of learning. By applying minimum core specification in Literacy, Languages, Numeracy and ICT will improve my teaching and learning of my learners by having an understanding and knowledge of the attitudes, prior learning, attainment and different rates of learner progress. For learning difficulties and disabilities, it enables me to identify the resources, specialist equipment, teaching strategies and referral procedures which could help my learners overcome their difficulties. In the subjects that I teach, you must have sound knowledge of both the subject content and learning styles in order to deliver the lesson well.

This can be obtained through researching text books and through working experiences of your own and colleagues. As a teacher and trainer, I am unable to use a conventional research library as the materials available for my work environment are limited. Information that I may require has included some text books which fully meet the criteria of the LLUK standards. Other sources of information came from the internet, however care has to be taken to make sure the information is valid, current and up to correct standards. I have researched and explored six areas and their specific points. I interpret this statement mean that Vygotsky was of the view that education is an individual process and everyone learns at their own rate, when they are ready to learn, regardless of age.

Teacher irrespective of the area of specialism. Possessing the knowledge, understanding and personal skills in English, Numeracy and ICT provides us with the platform to be able show and demonstrate theories and principles to facilitate their learning. The following paper analyzes the leadership styles of a principal in an urban school district. The three leadership styles discussed are directive, affiliative, and collaborative.

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Each of these styles has been utilize to create an environment which is effective and conducive for a quality education. The school houses grades kindergarten through sixth grade and will grow to eighth grade within the next two year. The population is mostly African American, coming from a low income house hold. The administration is made up of a principal and vice principal. Other important stakeholders consist of the PTA, teachers, the child study team, and the leadership committee. The principal has been in the building for three consecutive years.

However, this was not his first position in administration. He previously was a principal to a smaller school for behaviorally challenged students. His first year, he was considered everyone’s friend. He tried to make friends with the staff to understand the building’s dynamics. His second year, he toughen up a bit, but continued to make the mistake of being everyone’s friend, and did not incorporate the leadership qualities to lead his team to success. This year, has been very challenging.

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