Motivation and emotion essay

Free Motivation motivation and emotion essay, essays, and research papers. According to text, motivation is defined as a set of factors that activate, direct, and maintain behavior, usually toward a certain goal.

Motivation is the energy that makes us do things: this is a result of our individual needs being satisfied so that we have inspiration to complete the mission. These needs vary from person to person as everybody has their individual needs to motivate themselves. Depending on how motivated we are, it may further determine the effort we put into our work and therefore increase the standard of the productivity. When a person plans or wants to do something, he or she has a motivation for that specific thing. In other words, when a person does something, that person has a reason why he or she should do that thing. Not always there is a reason to do something, but sometimes may be many reasons that are backing a person to take those actions to do it. This happens not only to humans, or living organisms, but also in nonliving organisms.

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An example is when a rock which had bounced after it hit the floor while falling down. Inside an organization, people are expected to their best work. Best work is easier to achieve when there’s the help of motivation. Every person inside a company is motivated by different kind of things. A motivated person will perform at maximum capacity in their jobs.

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