Owning exotic animals essay

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Thank you for your support. This website is not selling anything. No other explanation is ever explored. Are all women like this? Could this be your future wife? What is the exception and what it the rule is open to debate.

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What choice do these men have? This just portends the things to come. Depending on the size of his bank account. However, what a man wants is really not of any concern. A wedding is no longer for the bride and groom.

She can do better than that”. 2 week bear hunt in Siberia as a condition of marriage? This would be viewed as absurd, yet women do it every day. Please read on, my friend. The injustices can go from bad to worse when children enter the picture. And can the man object? Does it pay to work hard anymore?

If she stops working, she may never work again. There are many debates about the merits of a stay-at-home mother vs. The house is now empty from 8am-3pm. What motivation does the modern wife have to return to work?

It is easy to exaggerate the labors of daily housework. Grocery is another hour per week. Does all this add up to 7 hours a day? The simple fact is, a man no longer needs this. She has been out of work too long, and therefore is unable to find a job.

It’s for her empowerment, or to help her self-esteem. Or he works too much. If a man insists on a prenup, he is selfish and unromantic. Why is it that a woman can refuse a prenup, and it’s accepted? What is astounding is the hypocrisy of the reaction towards prenups. 1848, a woman’s property, upon marriage, was transferred to her husband. Men are severely abused in our media, quite frankly.

Either role the man plays, he loses! A man needed a wife as an equal partner. Upon divorce, all assets accumulated during a marriage are subject to division. Assets accumulated prior to a marriage are exempt from a divorce. However, real life dictates otherwise.

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