Proudest moment essay example

Arthur Miller during a roundtable discussion at the Signature Theater Company on Oct. Arthur Miller and Joseph Fields — at least have been trying to do proudest moment essay example away from the theater’s usual stencils.

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He has written an honest, forceful drama . Miller has written a superb drama. It is so simple in style and so inevitable in theme that is scarcely seems like a thing that has been written and acted. Miller has looked with compassion into the hearts of some ordinary Americans and quietly transferred their hope and anguish to the theatre. Under Elia Kazan’s masterly direction, Lee J.

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Cobb gives a heroic performance, and every member of the cast plays like a person inspired. Miller has written another powerful play. Although ‘The Crucible’ is a powerful drama, it stands second to ‘Death of a Salesman’ as a work of art. Miller had had more trouble with this one, perhaps because he is too conscious of its implications. To this theatregoer, , Mr. Miller’s exercise in theatrical photography is flat and diffuse. But in the second play, ‘A View From the Bridge,’ has power and substance.

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