Race class and gender essay topics

Please forward this error screen to 23. Race class and gender essay topics the terms you wish to search for. A visually rich graffiti art site. Black Cultural Studies Web Site.

Compiled by Tim Haslett, Nimmy Abiaka, and Paula Lee. Includes information about Manthia Diawara and Arthur Jafa. Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Media. Several web pages compiled by Karla Tonella, University of Iowa. The Movies, Race and Ethnicity. Black Masculinity and Visual Culture. An article by Herman Gray that discusses jazz men, rappers, the Cosby Show and Clarence Thomas.

Cleopatra Jones: 007: Blaxploitation, James Bond and Reciprocal Co-optation. An article by Chris Norton exploring race and gender politics in the spy genre. Do Violent Films Shape or Reflect? An article from Christian Science Monitor on role of popular films in depicting Arabs to American audiences. Fear of the White Unconscious: Music, Race, and Identification in the Censorship of “Cop Killer. An excellent study of the issues of violence vis-a-vis rap by Barry Shank. An article by Mikal Muharrar, for EXTRA!

Morphing Out of Identity Politics: Black or White and Terminator 2. An article by Ron Alcalay. The Portrayal of Race, Ethnicity and Nationality in Televised International Athletic Events. A very interesting study by Don Sabo, et al. American TV coverage of international games.

Rap, Black Rage, and Racial Difference. An article by Steven Best and Doug Kellner. Selective Stereotypical Representations of Japanese, Germans, and Italians in Films Produced during World War II. An article by Ralph Donald. Dressing in Feathers: The Construction of the Indian in American Popular Culture. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1996. Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, and Bucks: An Interpretive History of Blacks in American Films.

New York: Viking Press, 1973. African American stereotypes, from the silent film era to late 20th century. Fantasies of the Master Race: Literature, Cinema and the Colonization of American Indians. Monroe, ME: Common Courage Press, 1992. Blunt, often incisive, critique of issues ranging from genocidal Westerns to sports mascots to New Age wannabe Indians. Excellent collection of essays on aesthetics, history, and reception of African American film.

The Bronze Screen: Chicana and Chicano Film Culture. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1993. The best study yet of Chicanas as subjects in and creators of film. House: Cultural Politics and the CARA Exhibition.

Austin: University of Texas Press, 1998. Brilliant interpretation of a major Chicano art retrospective that raises key questions about the construction of high art vs. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1995. Brilliant interpretation of the evolution of representations of African Americans in television news and fiction programming, from the 1980s to the present. Framing Blackness: The African American Image in Film.

Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1993. Among the very best general works on African Americans and film. Monitored Peril: Asian Americans and the Politics of TV Representation. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1994. Wide-ranging study that includes issues of internment, and the war in Southeast Asia, in addition to ongoing, everyday stereotypes of TV orientalism. The Codes of Advertising: Fetishism and the Political Economy of Meaning in the Consumer Society.

Jhally, Sut and Justin Lewis. Audiences, and the Myth of the American Dream. Orientals: Asian Americans in Popular Culture. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1999. The most comprehensive study to date on Asian Americans in pop culture, covering two centuries and many different cultural forms.

Time Passages: Collective Memory and American Popular Culture. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1990. Innovative study of relations between mass-produced pop culture and the realities of communal memory dimly present in those commodified productions. Dangerous Crossroads: Popular Music, Postmodernism and the Poetics of Place. Lutz, Catherine and Jane L. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993.

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