Short essay on giraffe for kids

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Here is a collection of amazing Mothers Day trivia. You’ll find that most of these Mother Day trivia are hard to believe yet true. Just for your ease we have segregated these Mother’s Day facts and trivia into various sections. You may use these Mother’s Day Trivia to amaze your friends or put them as questions in any Mothers Day Quiz programme.

If you are anchoring a Mothers Day quiz show these facts can be used as a punchline to surprise the audience. God for all that mothers had done. Amaterasu, the Mother of the World. Earth, and that cats were sacred animals. 5 years and 7 months. 50 years, but this is their first child. Veenarani Mahapatra, and the sperm of Veenarani’s husband.

1997, at the University Hospital, Iowa, US. Brandon, Joel, Kelsey, Natalie and Alexis. The babies were born 208 days apart. May 19,1956 and Joseph on November 20, 1997. 67 of them survived infancy. The median age has risen nearly three years since 1970.

The odds of a woman delivering twins is 1-in-33. 360,000 births taking place that month in 2001. Elvis Presley, was a mama’s boy. Gladys, until he reached puberty. Many of the sweaters worn by Mr. The joy of celebrating Mother’s day is incredible to every human being, no matter how old we grow!

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