Short essay on rabindranath tagore

Rabindranath Tagore, a great Indian poet and writer, is one of the most revered literary figures in India. To short essay on rabindranath tagore all about his childhood, life, works, achievements and timeline, read the biography below. A behind-the-scene look at the life of Rabindranath Tagore. University of Calcutta, University College London, St.

Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless when facing them. India, at a time when the country was going through a tumultuous period during the British rule. Rabindranath Tagore, one of the epoch-making figures of the twentieth century, is one of the most widely acclaimed wordsmiths of India. Often hailed as Gurudev or the poet of poets, Tagore, through the sheer brilliance of his narratives and incommensurable poetic flair, laid an ineffaceable impression on the minds of his readers. A child prodigy, Tagore, showed a penchant for literature, art and music from a very young age and in due course of time, produced an extraordinary body of work which changed the face of Indian literature. Even today, decades after his death, this saint-like man, lives through his works in the hearts of the people of Bengal who are forever indebted to him for enriching their heritage. He was the most admired Indian writer who introduced India’s rich cultural heritage to the West and was the first non-European to be bestowed the prestigious Nobel Prize.

Debendranath Tagore and Sarada Devi. Rabi’, Tagore was very young when his mother died and since his father was away most of the time, he was raised by the domestic help. The Tagores were ardent art-lovers who were known throughout the Bengal for their dominant influence over Bengali culture and literature. When he was eleven, he accompanied his father on a tour across India.

While on this journey, he read the works of famous writers, including Kalidasa, a celebrated Classical Sanskrit poet. Upon his return, he composed a long poem in the Maithili style, in 1877. In 1878, he moved to Brighton, East Sussex, England, to study law. He attended the University College London for some time, following which he started studying the works of Shakespeare. He returned to Bengal in 1880 without a degree, with the aspiration of fusing the elements of Bengali and European traditions in his literary works. Kadambari, one of his sisters-in-law, was his close friend and confidante, who committed suicide in 1884.

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