Should recreational drugs be legalized essay

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The problem has gotten so out of hand that many options are being considered to control it or solve it. One of the most controversial issues facing our generation is if we should legalize marijuana. Usually, people do not know a great deal about marijuana they just considered it as any other drug. There is one thing people should know is that marijuana is not like the others drugs such as heroine or cocaine. But, marijuana is considered a drug, and in fact is illegal, due to number of reasons. For me, and so the various people who agree, marijuana is exceedingly comparable with other substances that are legal, mainly alcohol and tobacco, in terms of its effect, and the harm.

Among with all the facts that oppose the state of illegalization of its use, the marijuana should be legalized. First of all, it should be legalized for a medical purpose, indeed, marijuana, pot, grass or hashish used to be a medicine. Nether less, the legalization of marijuana as a medicine may tempt doctors to use it for another purpose. They can sell it and become another source to provide it in the black market.

But, if the drug is legal, there will be no sense for them to sell it, what makes one more reason to legalize it. The most important reason to make it legal is it can help people who have AIDS. For example, in a testimonial a man name Greg Scott has AIDS. His weight dropped dramatically when he first taking drugs to prolong his life. But, he said smoking marijuana helped him alleviate the drugs side effects such as, nausea, loss of appetite and pain. So, I wonder why not legalize a drug which can help people with AIDS.

In addition, the drug generally isn’t more harmful than alcohol or tobacco if used in moderation. This is a question that many have been asking as well as debating over for many years. Federal law stipulations that interfere. In contrary there are pros and cons that fuel any debate in life. And about 40 percent of them smoke it on a regular basis. It truly depends on the person whether they are going to do otherdrugs.

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