Should undocumented immigrants get a path to citizenship essay

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This document may not be reprinted without the express written permission of Texarkana Gazette, Inc. Free undocumented papers, essays, and research papers. One of the most significant issues to issues to affect healthcare in today’s society is the impact that illegal aliens have on the already broken healthcare system. This paper will explore the impact of undocumented Hispanics and their impact on the services available and used in California. Included will be the numbers of those that are affected as well as what is being done to decrease the impact of this population on the current healthcare system. According to a Center for Immigration Studies report released on February 7, 1997, the number of illegal aliens living in the United States was estimated to be 5 million. If we talk about undocumented immigrants in United States, we usually focus on the benefits and jobs they take from our country, but have we ever stood in their shoes and imagine what life is like for an illegal immigrant.

To live as an undocumented immigrant is a bad situation, but I believe to be a child of an undocumented immigrant is even worse, because their choices are limited and they are unaware of their rights to attend colleges. In this research, I will focus on undocumented immigrant students, who are unable to afford for higher education, and the fear of their unknown future which is mainly cause by their undocumented status. Often too much we assume that undocumented workers are taking more and more jobs of American citizens, but that is not the case. Undocumented workers come from other countries to live and have a better living of life for not only them but for their families as well. They often work doing jobs that pay very little for an extreme amount of hard labor from dusk till dawn. If it’s not being a custodian, which the women do, then its men working doing construction. Undocumented immigrants often elicit the images of Mexican immigrants illegally crossing the border by car or by foot.

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Many Americans may also think of the soccer field immigrants at the border of Tijuana and San Diego, or the immigrants running away from the drug lords. While majority of undocumented immigrants in California are from Mexico, there are a number of other countries that have immigrants finding refuge in America that reside in all states. Undocumented people- The term undocumented people defines the millions of immigrants who currently exist in the United States without legal right. Although not exclusively from Latin America, a majority of undocumented person are citizens of Latin American countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. They compose a large portion of the labor force in the service industry. They are particularly well represented in the agriculture, restaurant, hotel, and construction industries, especially in the South Western United States.

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