Solution to problem essay

In this essay I tackle solution to problem essay problem of solving every Sudoku puzzle. First we have to agree on some notation.

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A puzzle is solved if the squares in each unit are filled with a permutation of the digits 1 to 9. Every square has exactly 3 units and 20 peers. Cross product of elements in A and elements in B. A set of unit tests. False if a contradiction is detected. Fail if we can’t assign d to square s. If a square has only one possible value, then eliminate that value from the square’s peers.

If a unit has only one possible place for a value, then put the value there. Return values, except return False if a contradiction is detected. If a square s is reduced to one value d2, then eliminate d2 from the peers. If a unit u is reduced to only one place for a value d, then put it there. Display these values as a 2-D grid. Now we’re ready to go.

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In this case, we are still a long way from solving the puzzle–61 squares remain uncertain. How can we cope with that? First, we could try a brute force approach. What is the search algorithm? Using depth-first search and propagation, try all possible values. Return some element of seq that is true. Each of the puzzles above was solved in less than a fifth of a second.

My program solves them in 0. I guess if I want a really hard puzzle I’ll have to make it myself. If a contradiction is reached, start over. The average time to solve a random puzzle is 0. It is hard to draw conclusions from this. If I generated 10 million puzzles, would one take 1000 seconds?

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