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Today, sports are no longer fun and games, sports are a business, and college sports are no different. Division I college sports provide a huge source of universities’ income. The school receives money from ticket sales, television contracts, and sport-related merchandise, along with many other sports related revenue builders. The athletes on the other hand, receive their scholarship and little more. Universities are exploiting athletes, and recently the problems that this creates have become more prominent. More and more athletes are now leaving school early to enter the professional leagues in order to make money. There have also been more reports of violations surrounding university boosters and alumni paying players.

Furthermore, athletes have been accused of making deals with gamblers and altering the outcome of games. All of these problems could be minimized, if not completely eliminated, by adopting a program for compensating student athletes. College athletes are exploited by their schools, which make millions of dollars off of them. This leads to violations, students leaving college early, and student-athletes that cannot even afford to do anything that their sport doesn’t sponsor. The NCAA and professional leagues can work together to institute a plan to compensate these athletes and remedy all these problems.

Student athletes need money just like any other college students, and many of them need it even more. This means that while the free tuition is nice, they are still going to need money for other expenses that every college student faces. This, while well intended, is impossible for many, if not the majority of college athletes. The schools have to make up for this by finding some way to compensate these athletes. The main reason behind not giving college athletes some form of compensation is that college athletes must be amateurs and if they are paid they will lose their status as an amateur. Amateurs are defined in the dictionary as an athlete who has never accepted money, or who accepts money under restrictions specified by a regulatory body, for participating in a competition. However, these rules have been extended so far that athletes can barely get a check from their grandmother in the mail without red flags going up.

Under the current rules, universities and colleges cannot recruit athletes who have competed with professionals, accepted money from benefactors to be used for things such as private high school tuition, accepted prize money won in competitions, or played for money in any league. Furthermore, current college athletes cannot be paid for giving lessons in their sport or accept grants from the U. A player cannot do anything that might jeopardize his or her status as an amateur. This rule is somewhat farfetched, even affecting work outside of the sports world.

For example, Darnell Autry, University of Northwestern running back and theater major, went to Italy over the summer and appeared in a motion picture. Should College Athletes Be Paid? Whether it be football, basketball, or hockey, ever since the turn of the century, intercollegiate sports have brought in a surplus of revenue to their respective Universities, as well as increasing the popularity of the College’s reputation. There are strict NCAA sanctions to be imposed upon anyone caught receiving bribes money or gifts of any kind. Essay on Should College Athletes Be Paid? To be successful at the sport they choose though they have to spend a lot of time at it, more time than studying for final exams even. NCAA through ticket sales, sponsorships and television contracts.

330,560,000 in total revenue was brought into the NCAA in the 2000-2001 season with 78. CBS signed an 11-year contract to cover the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship and other events. Should College Athletes Get Paid? Let’s take a quick glance at the pros and cons of each perspective.

There are plenty of cons that come with paying students to play sports. Or that paying certain players would take away most schools’ abilities to compete with universities that may have greater funds to propel their programs into elite programs. NCAA with the average scholarship being around 11,000 dollars. Recently in the news, there was a report on the five University of Kentucky basketball players that decided to enter the NBA draft after only their freshmen season. Sure, they were told of the millions of dollars they could make in professional sports, but were they given the odds of them even reaching that big payday? They do not receive a wage compensation for their contribution to economic returns.

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