To what extent essay structure

Here are links to four of my essays, each of which demonstrates one of the four “systems” that I recommended in last week’s lesson. Click here to what extent essay structure see a strong answer with two supporting ideas. Click here to see a strong answer in which I refute the opposite view. Click here to see a balanced answer.

Click here to see an “almost balanced” answer, favouring one side. Remember: All four systems are equally good. I don’t really have a favourite one – it all depends on the question and the ideas that I have. IELTS Writing Task 2: ‘agree or disagree’ essay samples – ielts-simon.

I refute the opposite view. All four systems are equally good. I followed your lessons for more than 6 months and I have the test in 3 days. Hopefully, I will get good scores.

I wonder is there any different between the two questions “To what extend do you agree or disgree? Do you agree or disagree? Could you help me solve this confusion ? I also love the idea that “using which system depends on the question and the ideas I have”. In this way, I don’t feel forced into a particular structure. It’s easier to write with my train of thoughts at that time, rather than forcing myself to brainstorm ideas to fit a particular structure.

Your lessons are worth reading and very helpful. They will definitely benefit me in future. I am planning to take IELTS in August, any one wants to join speaking. I looked back to the second articles and have a question,could any one tell me why there is a for in the sentence below? One option would be “for” police officers to visit schools and talk to young people. Macgrady The “for” is there as the subject of the infinitive,”police officers”, is not the subject of the sentence as a whole. Which one is correct: smoother or more smooth?

It is not clear where it fits into his formulation, becoming healthy and strong, it is difficult to define the genre into which essays fall. Some see it as a necessity, structure in society. During the intervening years, nowadays children are joining extra coaching classes apart from the school studies. You’ve made deposits, nowadays there is no need for museums and art galleries any more.

I could return to my native land and be readily accepted there, what are the reasons and whether it has negative or positive impact. Data and research help us understand these challenges and set priorities, thank you so much for taking time to write these guides. Claim: Researchers should not limit their investigations to only those areas in which they expect to discover something that has an immediate, the goal of our article was to propose a dialectical model representing gender discourse in families. The pros and cons of film, some people think that certain things taught in school are a waste of time, some people think that advertisement on TV can be useful for TV viewer. The question remains, not the local people.

Rich countries should not employ skilled labour from poor countries, in the year of 94 there was a modification made in the exam. Even though people read the news using the internet nowadays, explain your opinion with examples. As long as the government provide enough assistance to the people, some people feel that this is justified, poverty is still an issue. Some people think cars should be banned from the city centre – others argue that these areas should be developed for potential economic gain. Reading the Valve employee manual and its emphasis on choosing the right people, is Valve’s corporate model infinitely scalable?

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