What makes someone a good leader essay

What makes someone a good leader essay Makes a Good Technology Integration Specialist? What makes a good learning technologist?

Kinda Learning Stuff: What makes a good learning technologist? This year was my first year as a technology integration specialist at my school, and while I am kind of green as far as the role goes, I have some definite ideas about what a good technology integration specialist looks like. Sarah and I agree here. I don’t know how to do everything, and since I only have one year’s experience, there is much I haven’t tried. However, one thing I do have is curiosity. I’m willing to try, even if I don’t know how. I also want to learn more about how others are integrating technology and keep up with news and trends.

I actually like learning in general a great deal, and sometimes, even when I’m frustrated by a problem, I like the challenge of learning how to solve it myself. Once I moved the folder, the fans immediately settled down. One of the things some old school IT guys get zinged for is how aggravated they get whenever someone wants help. They grab the mouse when someone they are working with doesn’t move fast enough or click the right spot.

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They sigh and roll their eyes. As a result, folks just stop asking them for help unless they are forced to do so, and can you blame them? Who wants to feel like they are putting someone out just because they need help learning how to do something? I don’t ever want to be that person. I want teachers to feel they have learned something after working with me, and I want to support them in their learning. Sometimes it is frustrating to work with someone who has very minimal technology skills, but we only perpetuate the problem if we roll our eyes, sigh, grab the mouse and do it ourselves. I have found a little bit of patience goes a long way.

I use the same skills I learned working with students when I work with teachers. If I am approachable and willing to help, people are more likely to seek my help when they want to try a project in class. Good technology integration specialists seek out opportunities and approach teachers and students with their ideas. It doesn’t do to wait for classroom teachers to come up with their own ideas for using technology, although they do come up with some great ideas.

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